Netap Event

India only has 3 lac formal apprentices while Germany has 3 million, Japan 10 million and China 20 million. We chaired a committee at the PM skill council that proposed 14 specific changes to Apprentices Act of 1961 (Planning Commission Report) but that has been stuck in the legislative traffic jam. Given parliamentary changes will take time, we decided to move from talking to doing with NETAP.

NETAP is a PPP between TeamLease Skills University, CII, NSDC and MHRD, Govt. of India. It aims to appoint 2 lac apprentices every year for the next ten years in 21 trades for durations between 3 and 24 months. The kids (age 18 to 35) can be located anywhere in India, there is no requirement for a theoretical learning, and the stipend will be equal to the unskilled minimum wage. There will be a small administrative charge per apprentice to cover costs but this is a non-profit operation.

We believe NETAP can offer your esteemed organization an interesting confluence of CSR, taking employees for test drive, single window for all legal, compliance and administrative issues, and build a long-term channel for your bottom of pyramid hiring. Not to mention the wonderful bumping of careers you will offer many kids.

Some of the salient features and benefits of NETAP as listed below:

  • Building a pipeline for bottom of pyramid hiring
  • Clear legal structure to take candidates for a test drive with no obligation to hire
  • Possible lower attrition given potential for apprenticeship credit and degree connectivity
  • Single window for national compliance
  • Stipends paid qualify as CSR spend
  • Trainees can be appointed for flexible durations of 3 to 24 months.
  • Trainees can be appointed in any trade or function at any location in India
  • Trainees are paid a consolidated stipend with no deductions which must at least be equal to the applicable unskilled minimum wage (it can be higher)
  • All trainees will be enrolled in a free 200 hour online course for soft skills, English and computers. They can further enroll voluntarily or via the employer for other TLSU certificate/diploma/associate degree courses delivered online
We strongly believe that NETAP is a revolutionary apprenticeship program which is gaining acceptance with every passing day. In short span of 5 months, over 25 organizations have successfully implemented this program pan India. In order to boost the awareness about this program, we wish to seek your support by attending the event.